So I have had my fair share of various palettes and mixing plates but to be concise I chose only a few here.


Mixing Palettes


1 – A folding palette with 28 wells and bigger divisions for mixing. This is made of plastic and has been with me for 5 years already. When it was brand new, it was a bit cream colored but not THIS yellow.

2- A folding palette with 20 wells. This is made of plastic as well, I bought it from Print Cafe for Php 180 only. But you can actually buy it for a cheaper price esp. abroad. But since it’s made of plastic, it still easily discolors or get stained by strong pigments which is a bit annoying at times.

3- Nesting plates or ceramic dishes. These are small and made of porcelain so they don’t get stained. You can easily wipe paint off and you can buy them from your grocery. These dishes are originally for dipping sauces so I bought them for just Php8 each.

4- Flower-shaped porcelain mixing palette. I got this one from Artland in Hong Kong for about 25 Hong Kong Dollars- Php150 only! This is sold my some stores here for a higher price though. It’s great since it has a lot of wells and it’s super easy to clean and won’t get stained. This is my fave palette (instead of using built-in palettes in my watercolor sets).