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I’ve always loved staring into the horizon. The sky is such a huge part of sceneries and of everyday periphery but a lot of times it’s taken for granted or missed. That’s one thing I really realised when I was still in college and living in Metro Manila. The good thing about being home is … More Beyond

Color Mixing With Sennelier 12 Pan Set With 6 Free Colors

Let’s talk about Sennelier Watercolors. Sennelier is a French company that manufactures quality honey-based watercolors for both students and professional artists. They have been operating for decades and have catered to the old masters as well. I heard from friends that if you visit their store in France, you can either get the prepared halfpans … More Color Mixing With Sennelier 12 Pan Set With 6 Free Colors

Artambay Sa South

Starting off with a series of artambay and get-togethers until the end of 2016. It all started when I dropped by an artambay of some watercolor enthusiasts in Project Pie, SM North. I was in the area for errands that day and I clearly remember I was running around crazy, riding the MRT because Pokemon … More Artambay Sa South


Here’s a survey of watercolor brushes that I use   My Chinese Brushes from college. These guys have been around for a long time and I remember feeling that I absolutely must use these whenever I was painting for our plates or exercises. It’s a shame though that I didn’t know back then how to … More Brushes

Landscape Painting

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at painting sceneries but too confused as how to start? It’s not that too complicated! Watch below to see how I do mine: KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER The way I paint is usually by keeping in mind the following key points: Paint from lightest to darkest washes/colors. … More Landscape Painting