Sanicare’s White Lilies Box of Facial Wipes

Whenever I am looking to buy anything, the first thing I notice is how well-designed the packaging of a product is. If you are anything like me, seeing a pretty pattern on a product’s packaging is inspiring and ideas of how to re-use or recycle them pop-up in your head immediately. In relation to that, I have just received two beautiful boxes of Sanicare’s new line of artist-designed boxes!

Sanicare was nice to send me these in advance before they become commercially available. I’ve been excited to see them for a while because they were designed by local artist Alessa Lanot of LifeAfterBreakfast PH. I’ve met Alessa a few times before in the watercolor community in Manila. She makes very beautiful illustrations and patterns usually of flora and fauna and yet again, I can see her artistic flare and style in these patterns!


These boxes are a visual feast. I imagine these to stand levels apart from the usual plain or dull boxes of tissues in grocery stores. The images on the boxes are of local Liliums, Calla Lilies and Champaca flowers that generally symbolize purity. The white flowers make a unique pattern along with the pleasant color-scheme; I especially like the darker-colored box because it looks bolder. Another thing I noticed is that parts of the design are embossed. Yes! I am unsure why, but this fun additional detail of a tactile experience is very satisfying. There is also a handy feature to this box, if tissue runs low, simply pop up the tab underneath so you can reach it through the top easily! That’s a smart user-friendly idea right there. Over all these designs are clever and pleasing to the eyes, they can be stylish centerpieces or even conversation pieces at home. I’m very happy to get my hands on them. The only thing I wish Sanicare thought of is making these boxes with more lasting materials so I can use them as permanent tissue dispensers!


I’ve recently seen actual cotton fields for the 1st time recently on a trip to Georgia, USA. Processed cotton balls are so different from fresh cotton. It made me wonder how cotton gets processed and I think I would rather have unscented, virgin pulp in my facial tissue rather than having any elemental chlorine, and whiteners. Imagine unknowingly wiping chemicals unto your face. Weird right? I’d like none of that especially since I use tissue a lot in my painting process.

Whether it be by lifting or dabbing paint from my paper, or wiping off excess water and paint from my brushes. I am pretty meticulous of certain details when it comes to my art works. The tissue you use may make significant impacts on your art works. Using soft tissue instead of stiff paper towels help in avoiding overly scrubbing your paper (hence damaging it) and preventing any unwanted texture marks. This tissue by Sanicare is also quite sturdy, it is 3ply so it  won’t simply dissolve and leave a mess when I dab watercolor with it. That lets me paint confidently and not have to be cautious when wiping my brushes or the paper. I also like to make sure the tools (or something as mundane like the tissue) I use will not harm my art works now or over the years due to unwanted chemicals or acids. These unscented facial tissues actually are one of the best choices for that matter because they are durable enough and chemical free.


Sanicare is a Filipino company that manufactures hygienic products and items like tissue and paper towels. I’ve always used this brand in supplying tissue paper to my students during my workshops for product quality and reliability. These designs on Sanicare’s facial tissues are a perfect example of how local artists and innovative companies like Sanicare can work hand-in-hand to produce a tasteful and unique product. I’m looking forward to when these boxes come to stores in November and to keeping the boxes even after I finish the contents!

In the meantime, make sure to check and follow Sanicare’s Instagram and Facebook page.


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