I’ve always loved staring into the horizon. The sky is such a huge part of sceneries and of everyday periphery but a lot of times it’s taken for granted or missed. That’s one thing I really realised when I was still in college and living in Metro Manila. The good thing about being home is being in open areas with a fantastic view of the sky and all its beauty. I love admiring it during sunrise and sunset.

With that much admiration, I wanted to show it through my small paintings as well. So here are some of my practice works.


I’m out to perfect depicting the “fluffiness” or clouds!



This subject matter is especially easy to create on cotton watercolor paper as such handles brush strokes well and the absorption rate of the paper is fantastic. The colors turn out vibrant too and the paper stays absorbent longer making it easy to keep adding colors that diffuse instantly.

I also went ahead and painted more whimsical skies just to experiment with colors and composition


It’s my first time to use green for the majority of the sky instead of using it for land and foliage. I think it looks fine but not exactly keen on it.


I like this one much better and how the different colors slowly creep into each other. Did this on cotton watercolor paper again (Sennelier block Cold Press) which I think is really the best for wet-on-wet techniques.



Really giddy about the thin wires here although they aren’t perfect, still fun!

Had fun with these experiments I probably will make more of these!

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