Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle

sennelier etude

This set is from Sennelier, one of the best manufacturers of watercolors. The set is part of a new line of student-grade watercolors. They are also marketing this as part of their travel watercolor set series.


The case is clean and made of white plastic with an imprint on the front.It also has a black strap underneath so you can slip your hand underneath- making sure you don’t drop the case when painting. The middle of the colors has provision for a travel brush but it may also fit in an extra6 half-pans! The cover -which also acts as a mixing palette- is very easy to clean, it is not too deep and you can wet and wipe off paint without getting your precious paints wet/wasted.

The La Petite Aquarelle set here has 12 colors- specific hues they don’t disclose in the box/ packaging but I am assuming the colors are the same as that of the set of tubes.

So, included here according to its order in the set are:
(#116) Titanium White
(#574) Lemon Yellow
(#645)Chinese Orange
(#695) Alizarin Crimson Lake
(#690) Rose Madder Lake
(#326) Phtalocyanine Blue
(#307) Cobalt Blue
(#807) Phtalo. Green Deep
(#805) Phtalo. Green Light
(#252) Yellow Ochre
(#202) Burnt Umber
(#703) Payne’s Grey

All of which you may view with standard swatches at the Sennelier site here

Here is another sample of swatches of the colors. There is minimal opacity with yellow and of course white. Most colors may be easily lifted off but some are staining especially the Rose Madder Lake.  I am GLAD this set has Payne’s Grey but not a big fan of the Cobalt blue. Truth be told I thought this was another color because it’s too light for my taste but I guess this provides a rich sky base color for plein-air. I am happy about the greens here though, Phtalo Green Deep’s become my fave Sennelier color and it’s not too far off from the quality of the artist grade version.13579771_10154190003348820_283900113_o

Here’s the fun part; mixing your color wheels with the primaries in this set!


You will see above that there that you can produce dull and brilliant greens as well as bright purples. Shame there is only one yellow in the set, if there was you can add a whole new range of color wheels here!

Next is my favorite part, mixing neutrals for shadows and such.


Over-all Sennelier La Petite Travel Set is a versatile set of hues that could be recommended to beginners or serious students of watercolor. It’s great for its compactness and portability, great quality paints, and commendable for the design of the case.

6 thoughts on “Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle

  1. I just bought the 24 set and I am so impressed at the quality compared the the artists sennelier pans, I can’t tell the difference between the grades! They seem the same, even the color numbers are the same. The ones I am not so sure about (in the 24 set) are colbalt blue hue because the # is for the real colbalt blue and not hue, I think that might be a mix of pw6, pb29 and pb15 and what they call “primary red” the #695 corresponds to Aliz. Crimson Lake PR83 and it does not look like Aliz Crimson to me, it is warmer and looks more like a napthol crimson or pyroll red to me. I am also not sure about #645 as it is a bright clean warm yellow and the #645 looks brownish on their site. Other than that the numbers and colors seem on par with artist grade. I just opened my set of 24 today and I am trying to see if they are any differnt from the artist grade, I am so impressed so far and I plan on reviewing them myself too. I enjoyed your review!Take care:)


    1. Hi! I’ll be honest, I failed to see the color list from the box for colors here and they really turn out different than the artist-grade one especially some colors like the blue so I just assumed it is a mimicry of Phtalo blue but looks like it has a lot of fillers in it making it very light. I probably should update this entry as I’ve been painting with the set a lot since I first wrote this. Thank you for reading my post! Will look out for yours too. 🙂 Enjoy as well!


  2. Hi! I am planning to buy the 24-set, and I would just like to ask if it would be worth the price? I am still a HS student, and I recently just formally ventured into watercolor. I thought that I wouldn’t settle for less, and instead buy a good quality one for a start. But as I saw your review, I realized that the 24 set might be a little bit excessive, and opt for a 12 set instead. Should I opt for the smaller set or would it be worth it to buy the 24 set anyway? I would really appreciate your insights 🙂


    1. Hi Troy! Thanks for taking the time to read my little writing here. I’m glad you’re looking into investing in a good-quality paint set. I understand the budget constraints you have since you’re still studying HS. I think it would be very reasonable to just get a 12-color set for now for you to really learn how to mix colors first. In fact, you can even just buy your own empty palette (a plastic folding one is available with lots of wells for a cheap price) and buy primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and black and squeeze them into your palette. This is the most cost-effective way into stretching your budget. If you want to get student-grade paints (which are cheaper) Van Gogh has individual tubes available. But if you’re not too much into the whole process, you can simply get a 12-color set. Although I sometimes find myself not using some colors (which is a waste of space and paint) like the color white.

      Whichever option you pick, getting a 12-color set or buying a few tubes, it may take you years before using up all the paint so it’s a really good investment. Take note of “lightfastness” or the permanence of colors. I think that’s the most important because some cheap paints have low lightfastness thus they fade over just a few years.

      If you have anymore questions esp. with picking out specific colors for a DIY palette, don’t hesitate to ask! Hope this helped 🙂

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  3. Hi Kat! Thanks for the great review, it was so helpful to see swatches and colour wheels here 😊 I also am considering between the 12 colour set and 24 colour one, since I will only bring one with me for several months overseas, and I want to get into travel sketching. I get that the 12 pan one seems to be the more logical one, since I am still learning, but my over-worrying brain keeps second-guessing and trying to convince me to get the 24 pan palette. May I ask, are you able to fit a row of half-pans in this particular palette in the centre gutter? Thanks!


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