Next Class


Everyone gets a free Pinta PH pan! Limited seats only so hurry and get a seat now.



A gathering of watercolorists who want to share their interest in the medium as well as meet new friends and foster the community of arts and crafts! For this session we have special goodies for participants like free dot cards of locally-made watercolor paints from Pinta PH aside from the chance to experience artist-grade paints and paper samplers from Art Nebula PH and Artisan MNL!

The next session is:

  • Jan. 20, 2017 at You’ve Got Baked Cafe in Solenad 3. (Slots full!)

To join the next the Artambay Sa South please register here by clicking:

I want to join!

It is a registered-only event so make sure to get slots right away! Feel free to bring your watercolor papers and brushes too!

To find out more about what happens in our facilitated artambays and how to join, read about it HERE


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